Our Services

We are a full service travel organization conveniently located in Toronto, Canada.

Our roster of client services include customized airline ticketing, hotel, and car reservations and customized itinerary development – with our coverage extending to all necessary travel documentation, including visa and travel insurance processing.

We present all our clients with several on-target options from which to choose that matches their detailed likes and budgets – often within a few minutes of their request.

Instead of having to try to calculate train or car travel time, routes to take between destinations, what accommodations are suitable for you, or even know what the weather will be like when traveling, we provide that information for you. Moreover, our industry experience means a plethora of personal suggestions with tips that will enhance and add value to your trip.

And perhaps even more importantly, if you run into a problem or need to make a change before or during your trip, instead of an entity that you may or may not be able to contact, you have a real account manager who knows you and will be committed to helping you.

Our partners and suppliers are among the top, world-class performers in the aviation, cruising, transportation and hotel industries.

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